I offer one on one mentorship to serious artists who would like to learn. Mentorship is more than teaching. It is development on an artistic and personal level. We will work together to address your concerns, strengths, weaknesses and dreams, all with the end goal of helping you achieve your artistic and professional goals. 

How Will This Work?

This will be an online mentorship, utilizing FaceTime, Skype, Oovoo or Google Hangout based on your preference.  Each week, we will meet online for a minimum of 1 hour. Each meeting will consist of: 

- Reviewing of current work and goals; review quality of work and process to create work

- Discussing strengths and weaknesses

- Coming up with a game plan on becoming a stronger artist

- Weekly demonstrations to address questions and concerns

-Live critique and paint-overs of your art

-Discussions on personal growth and business mindset for those who are/want to become professional artists

You will get a linked Dropbox folder for easy exchange of work. In addition, you may e-mail me anytime during the week.

Can I Get an Idea of How You Mentor?

See below!

How Much is It?

$400 per month

There is a first month money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, you will be refunded the full $400, no questions asked. This is a month to month mentorship so you may continue or cancel at any time.

How Do I Apply?

Just write me, at

Please title the e-mail 'Mentorship' and answer the following questions:

-What are your goals?

-What do you looking to learn?

-What animal is your Patronus? (optional)